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Small, Powerful, Practical

What is it? The LEP100-EU is a perfect high-tech solution when ‘over-ear’ hearing protection is not desired, required or is impractical.

The 3M Peltor LEP100 takes active hearing protection to a new level of convenience and is one of the smallest ‘active’ hearing protection solutions you’ll find. The featherweight LEP100 is a premium product which provides uncompromised situational awareness coupled to maximum hearing protection.

With a 16-hour operation window thanks to rechargeable Li-ion batteries, the LEP100 is a high-end solution to a fundamental problem: impulse noise. With a selectable volume setting and multiple sizes and types, it is designed to suit a wide range of users who want maximum protection with the convenience of an in-ear device. Intuitive, one-button operation turns it on, off, and selects the amplifier volume. 

If a decibel level of above 85 is detected, it shuts off instantly, preventing potential harm from impulse noise. 

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