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About HPC

Hearing Protection & Communication is a company dedicated to providing the highest standards of hearing protection and/or aural communication for those who operate in an environment where noise is a distraction or a health risk.

This includes a number of commercial, industrial and defence applications but also the recreational and sporting sphere. Hearing Protection & Communication (HPC) focuses exclusively on the Peltor range of headsets and noise attenuation products and distributes both passive and active types. Peltor is a Swedish brand and can trace its roots back to 1950 and has since become part of the 3M group.

It is officially known as 3M Peltor. While HPC is a new name on the local front, it remains closely aligned with the company which began distributing Peltor here in 1982 and therefore has ready access to existing expertise, management skills, and infrastructure.

HPC’s objective is to remain a leader in the distribution and servicing of all 3M Peltor products. One of the most exciting new development under HPC is a fresh approach to authorised servicing and repair of all Peltor products and this will be brought in-house at our Bergbron offices. Whether it is a task as straightforward as fitting a hygiene kit to a set of passive ear muffs or a full service on noise-cancelling shooting headphones like the acclaimed SportTac, our 3M-accredited technicians are up to the task.

Peltor has a long and illustrious history in motorsport, providing unambiguous communication not only between driver and co-driver in rally cars but also between a driver on the track and his engineer in the pits. In addition, there’s a wide range of ‘passive’ earmuffs and earplugs to provide straightforward noise attenuation for anyone in an environment where extreme noise may be experienced. It only takes one loud noise to cause permanent damage to the human ear.

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