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Loud And Clear

Getting The Message from a race engineer never been easier

Racing aces, Gavin Cronje and Simon Murray, are enjoying an enhanced level of communication when at the wheel of the Ginetta sports car they share in the MOPAR SA Endurance Series.

Their pit-to-car communication package has been upgraded with the latest digital technology from 3M Peltor and with races of up to six hours in duration, reliable communication between the driver and the pit crew can be the difference between winning and losing.

“Long-distance racing is a specialised discipline where communication is essential,” says Cronje, who excelled in karts, sports cars and saloons. “With the Peltor system you get the message loud and clear. There’s no crackling, static, or distracting feedback – it is the best I’ve experienced in my career: you can speak normally, despite the noise around you!”

The Hearing, Protection & Communication team worked closely with the Ginetta crew to create a perfect in-car solution. The package – subsequently replicated for other teams – is built around a Peltor ProTac XP headset and a pair of Motorola digital radios. Wiring harnesses are custom-built to suit existing hardware and installations are carried out by qualified radio technicians. Speech is voice activated at both ends and adjustable noise-cancelling allows for spatial awareness to be maintained while still providing protection from impulse noises – especially important for the person in the pits.

Explains Heinz Böse, general manager of HPC: “A digital solution has a number of advantages in the motorsport environment because it enhances audio quality in a noisy environment. It also provides a secure signal which can’t be picked up by rival teams, power usage is low and the in-car system is hard-wired so no additional power supply is required.”

Additionally, the ProTac XP headset can be paired with a cellphone via Bluetooth, enabling the wearer to conduct a telephone conversation in the normal way without resorting to removing the headset.

“In long-distance racing, success comes from lapping quickly without interruption for hours on end and our Peltor communication solution makes that objective easier to achieve,” concluded Böse.

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