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What is it? An earplug with switchable attenuation: perfect for those who can’t afford to have their hearing or situational awareness compromised

Peltor’s new Combat Arms 4.1 earplugs which bring superior convenience and comfort to the serious business of limiting unwanted and potentially damaging noise. It is perfect for military, security and police forces, or anyone who works in an environment where they need to quickly and easily adjust sound levels.

Designed so that maximum situational awareness can be maintained in a dangerous situation, they allow the user to go from a ‘Closed’ mode where they provide protection against steady background noise, to an “Open” mode where sound is allowed to pass through a metered aperture. In this setting it still provides a level of protection against impulse noise, such as weapons fire. This two-way setting is achieved via an innovative rocker switch, which the wearer simply presses at either end to shift between the Open and Closed modes – a task easily achieved even with a gloved hand.

The 4.1 is reusable and comes in three tip sizes, colour-coded for simplified logistics. They also feature a retaining arm, which fits snugly inside the concha of the ear and ensures that the earplug is seated securely. The result is a compact, user-friendly device that can provide a solution for a wide array of people. Watch the video here: 


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